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Take Me Home exists to facilitate the repatriation of member’s Human Remain to Africa for burial.  Our mission is to provide a cooperative, compassionate and stress-free service to bereaved families & loved ones in their hour of need.

We are a non-profit organisation whose work is driven by a passionate belief that as Africans we all have a responsibility to promote the concept of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is an African word for a universal concept. Ubuntu is the potential for being human, to value the good of the community above self-interest. Ubuntu is to strive to help people in the spirit of service, to show respect to others and to be honest and trustworthy.  Ubuntu regards humanity as an integral part of the eco-systems that lead to a communal responsibility to sustain life. Ubuntu shares natural resources on a principle of equity among and between generations. Ubuntu is fair to all, is compassionate, and is a collective respect for human dignity. Ubuntu refers to people and is one of those things that you recognise when you experience it.

Our People

The main objective of Take Me Home is to bring together all Africans resident in UK that are grouped within the different associations  in an electronic file without distinction of race, nationality, gender, sexuality or religion with the purpose of helping each groups in the repatriation of their members Human Remains for burial close to their ancestors in Africa.

We are a group of people from professional background who believe it is important to keep ones word.  We pride ourselves on saying what we mean, meaning what we say. As fellow Africans, we believe we can achieve a lot together by working in the spirit of cooperation and togetherness to alleviate the financial stresses and strains that accompany’s untimely death of loved ones.

The values cherished in our community should enable us know that the other man our brother as a human being. Therefore,  

A famous African ‘saying’ expresses the African sense of community. It says: "Go the way that many people go; if you go alone, you will have reason to lament". The African idea of security and its value depends on personal identification with and within the community. Take Me Home therefore carries the ideals of his African community into the wider world - another community.

 Life in the African community is based on the philosophy of live-and-let-live. This principle is based on the concept of the ‘Clan vital’ and applies to a concrete community of Take Me Home.  Chieka  lfemesia  sees  ‘Humane Living’  among  an  African  people  as  a  concept  which  is  defined  as    “...a  way  of  life emphatically  centred  upon  human  interests  and  values;  a  mode  of  living  evidently characterised by empathy, and by consideration and compassion for human beings”.

Relationship between individuals recognises their worth as human beings and not only what they possess or what can they do for each other. People help one another without demanding immediate or an exact equivalent remuneration. Take me Home is mindful that each person has something to contribute to his welfare, sometime and somehow. An African proverb  says: “Friendship with the ferryman right from the dry season means that when the rains come, you will be the first to cross". This proverb emphasizes constancy in friendship. In it, the worth of the ferryman, as a human being is not determined solely by what he can offer during the rains, hence he must be befriended right from the dry season when his occupation is not in strict demand. The art of dialogue and conversation is a cherished value in African human relations. People freely discuss their problems and look for suggestions and solutions together.

African proverb which says: "Don't laugh at a distant boat being tossed by the waves, your brother may be in it”; should now be: "Don't laugh at a distant boat being tossed by the waves, a human being is in it".