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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who can register with Take Me Home?

All Africans who are resident in the UK are eligible to register with Take Me Home. Associtions/Groups as well as individuals can register with Take Me Home.

Can I or my association/Group register outside of UK?

No you or your Association/Group cannot register with Take Me Home if you reside outside of the UK.

Why am I being charged £20.00 for registration?

There is a one off fee of £20.00 per member in order to be registered and enrolled on our system. You will then be issued with a matriculation number, which should aid communication with Take Me Home. This fee is non-refundable, each member is required to pay this fee whether they belong to a group or not.

Why Group members are charged £12 annually (equivalent to £1.00 per month)?

For Groups members, £12 annually per member is to cover the administrative costs and it is required to be paid at the beginning of the year.

Why individual members are charged a £24 annually (equivalent to £2.00 per month) and why not the same as Group members?

Individual members attract the above charge which reflects the true cost of administering the affairs of members. The reduced cost of administering members affairs via the groups are passed on group members in the form of reduced charges.

Will I be refunded of my annual charge (or part thereof) if I discontinue my membership?

No, the charge is non-refundable as stated earlier.

Why am I being asked to make a nominal contribution each time a member dies when I have already paid an Annual administration fee of £12.00 or £24.00 as Group /Individual members respectively?

All members are asked to make a nominal contribution following the death of a member, in order to raise the cost needed to repatriate the members’ remains to Africa. This is different to your Annual charge, which is used in administering members’ affairs.

Can I re-register after cancelling membership?

Any member who had a membership terminated can be readmitted only after paying all missed contributions plus the penalty charge of £100, and observe a waiting period of up to six months before they can benefit from TMH services/support.

Can I return after cancelling my membership?

Yes, you can return. However, you must pay a one hundred pounds (£100.00) penalty in addition to any contributions missed since you withdrew your membership.You will observe a waiting period of up to 6 months before you are issued a membership ID

How much do I have to contribute in the event of a member's death?

In the event of a members' death, each Take Me Home member is required to make a nominal contribution (about £5) from the date the announcement is made. This contribution is to enable us raised the cost of repatriation which will be paid directly to the funeral home in charge.

Is there a penalty for late payment of Contributions after the announcement of a members’ death?

Groups and individual members are required to pay their contributions within 7 days of making a formal announcement of a member’s death. Late payment after the 7 days will attract penalty fine of £20.00 per day for Groups and £5 per day for individuals. If after 14 days from the initial announcement, the group or the individual has not fully paid their contribution and or any additional fine associated with the contribution, you shall be suspended from Take Me Home.