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Dr Denis Yomi Tanfa is the Chief Executive and founder of Take Me Home. He is also the founder and Director of Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands.  Originally from Cameroon, he obtained his Doctorate degree in Criminology from University of South Africa in 2006. Dr Tanfa is the Restorative Justice Manager for Victim First which is under the auspices of Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner. He lived and worked in South Africa and he is very passionate about the concept of Ubuntu.

Steven Odunmbaku is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Take Me Home. Originally from Nigeria, he is a Chartered Civil/Structural Engineer, and has over twenty five years’ experience as a Practicing Engineer. He studied Civil/Structural Engineering initially, and has a Master’s degree in Construction Management. He has worked both in the Public and Private sector, and fully appreciates and supports the work done by the voluntary sector. Steven is married with children, loves God and understands the importance of the voluntary sector, through his wife, who has been involved in the sector for many years. He has also worked for body/associations whose members volunteered their time and resources towards a vision of improving the facilities at their School and University for the raising of the standard of Education and Excellence at those institutions. He hopes to add his vigour and enthusiasm to the vision of Take Me Home.

Dr Momodou Sallah is Trustee/Director of Take Me Home.  He is a Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader BA YCD at De Montfort University Leicester. Originally from The Gambia, he holds a Doctorate Degree in Youth and Community Development, MPhil in Applied Social Sciences and MA in Community Education. He has contributed in many books and has published books on Global Youth Work. Dr Sallah is the Founder and Board Chairman of Global Hands CIC, UK and Global Hands International.

Dr Mrs Gladys Njoh acquired a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2008 from the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University).  Originally from Cameroon, she is a professional teacher who pioneered the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector of ASCENTIS and OCR at the London College of Management Studies, after achieving the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS). Dr Njoh holds leadership positions in the Methodists Church where she is one of the Leadership Team members and a member of the Synod of the Birmingham District. Gladys is a Christian and a member of the Christian Women’s Fellowship, UK.

Solomon Yisa  FRCOG, is a Consultant Gynaecologist with one of the largest independent NHS service providers and he is a Trustee of Take Me Home. Solomon is originally from Nigeria, and has practiced as a medical doctor for nearly thirty years. Solomon is married and has three children. He has a wide range of interest outside of his profession including his extensive voluntary work, participating in medical missions to Nigeria. He also serves as a Church Warden in his resident city. He understands and supports the vision and work of Take Me Home. He describes the work of Take Me Home as ‘indeed a blessing to individuals, families and sociocultural groups’, and fully hopes to bring to bear his sense of clarity and passion to support the Take Me Home vision.   

Rev Mpofu  is founding Director and chair of OASIS SPRING. Originally from South Africa, she holds a Diploma in Advice and Interviewing Skills from University of Leicester. Sibongile is an Ordained Minister and an Associate Reverend at United New Testament Church International (UNTCI). She holds a Doctorate in Christian Studies, Children's Ministry and an Honorary Doctorate of Christian Care and Counselling from TICC, Alabama USA. She is a Trustee at Global Intercessory Ministries (GIM). She has worked with young people as a support worker and a life coach, helping teenagers with their transition from childhood to adulthood. She is also a graduate of the "Common Purpose" leadership programme and looks to use this along with all her skills and expertise to support Africans. As a Southern African the concept of "Ubuntu" is her definition which is at the heart of Take Me Home.

“Africans 4 Africans”